Gang Information

Member Profile
  • Male
  • White
Type of Group
  • Christian Identity
Criminal Activity
  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Witness intimidation
  • Firearms violations
  • Burglary

Ku Klux Klan


The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was founded by veterans of the Confederate Army in 1965 after the Civil War to protect Southern rights and restore white supremacy. During early 1870s, President Ulysses S. Grant destroyed the Klan with the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act of 1871. A second Klan was founded in 1915 after World War I in reaction to urbanization, industrialization, the migration of immigrants from Europe, and the migration of blacks from the South to the North. It was re-created as a fraternal organization and members were required to pay dues and buy KKK uniforms. However, during the Great Depression and World War II, the Klan’s membership declined, and the group eventually forced to dissolve in 1944 when the IRS filed a lien against the Klan for back taxes. A third Klan that is decentralized and consists of many independent groups was founded during the early 1950s in response to desegregation and the Civil Rights Movement.


  • Probably the most infamous and oldest American hate group
  • Originally called the Kuklos Klan from the Greek and Scottish meaning “family circle”
  • Used violence, lynching, and terrorism to intimidate and oppress blacks
  • Blacks are the primary target, but other targets include Jews, non-whites, Roman Catholics, and homosexuals
  • Attracts individuals with violent or anti-social tendencies
  • Known for cross burning
  • Known for hate crimes and acts of domestic terrorism


Like other Aryan groups, the Ku Klux Klan exhibit the standard Aryan symbols in various manners to denote their support of white supremacy ideology. In addition to these symbols, their tattoos usually display the initials KKK, the phrase “Ku Klux Klan,” a white hooded figure (conic masks and white robes), the burning cross, and the number 311 to indicate set affiliation. The number 311 is representative of the KKK, because the eleventh letter of the alphabet is the letter “K;” thus 3 times 11 equals “KKK.” See the gallery for examples of tattoos worn by members or klansman of the Ku Klux Klan.


First Klan

  • 1865 – 1874
  • Approximately 550,000 members

Second Klan

  • 1915 – 1944
  • Approximately 6,000,000 members

Third Klan

  • Early 1950s – Present
  • Approximately 8,000 members


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